Jan 3rd, 2023 Special Guest

Toomas Mitt

Born in Chicago in 1952. Been a lifelong technology nerd and became involved in computers as a freshman in high school. Before that, I was a ham radio operator at the age of 11 and was told I was the youngest in the country at that time.
Went to the University of Illinois in Chicago and started as an Electronics Engineer (double E) major. Left that major because the math was beyond me and switched to a Political Science major. It was the 70’s 🙂
Started my own software company in early 1979 and programmed the new microcomputers for small businesses at a time when not many people thought they were more than just toys. In 1983 became a founding member of Telesphere Intl as VP of R&D. Developed the hardware and software used by national hotel chains like Marriott to allow hotels to charge guests for telephone calls.
Moved to Milwaukee in1993 and worked as a software consultant for Ameritech and later Kraft foods. In 2003, founded TBG Networks and later switch to TBG Technologies.
In 2021, I formally left all technology behind and dedicated myself to The Stories Project which is where I am today.

Married my childhood sweetheart Toni in 1996. I have a daughter in Mt Prospect, Illinois who is married and has 3 sons (my grandsons). We live in Greenfield, Wisconsin since 2007.

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