Jon Taylor

Proudly un-employable, Jon started his entrepreneurial journey in his early 20s in the music business. It grew into a CD duplication business and media company. During his life journey, Jon did a brief stint in the corporate world only to find it wasn’t a good fit.

He was released, never to return…

MKE VIDEO was established in 2014 as a one-stop-shop for coaches. His services include social media, websites, marketing, and, of course, video. In 2020, as with most companies, his business had to change and shifted into broadcasting; that, in turn, led to show production and development. With a singular focus on experiential marketing through show development, MKE VIDEO has grown into a new media company offering a one-of-a-kind brand of content. 

Taylor’s journey into personal growth and development was sparked by his extensive work with coaches, interviewing hundreds of them as the media partner for ICF Wisconsin, Midwest Regional Coaches Conference, and Coaches Culmination. This immersion into the coaching world sparked a passion for helping others; in particular, being able to identify patterns and systems with coaches. 

In between raising a daughter on his own and keeping up with the Milwaukee Brewers, Jon occasionally plays in a band with the guys he grew up with many years ago. Mostly he is passionate about assisting others—from volunteering at shelters to just helping out people in need.

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