Tracy Champagne

Tracy Champagne has always been creative in her endeavors. Being a visionary, she can easily visualize each project and anticipate its accompanying benefits. She quickly learns tools and systems by observing and applying them in her businesses.

 Some things integral to Tracy are her powerful drive and curiosity. That means she never does just one thing at a time. While running the daycare, for instance, she also dabbled in direct sales marketing, provided Girl Scout leadership, and earned a degree in website development and social media marketing.

 Tracy took the plunge full time into her digital marketing business in 2018. She now owns and runs Small Business Milwaukee (Smallbizmke), a digital marketing agency that specializes in promoting Metropolitan Milwaukee small businesses. Her agency provides website design, social media content, blog and newsletter writing, and SEO services. The team is growing at Smallbizmke, so if you contact them, don’t be surprised if you reach someone other than Tracy on the three-person team.

When Tracy is not working on one of her businesses, she spends time listening to audible books, visiting with friends and family, pontooning on the lake, and just spending time outdoors. Her love of the city life and of the country life were big factors in deciding her career choices. Being a business owner requires long hours and it’s challenging at times. However, the rewards of being able to make her own schedule, work where she likes, and build and maintain endless relationships is what gets Tracy up and doing what she does every day.

 Although you can find Tracy in many different places online, her preferred place of contact is at one of the many virtual networking events she provides every week. The pandemic created many opportunities to meet great people and Tracy was not about to let that opportunity pass. You can find all her networking events at the Small Business Milwaukee website. To reach her directly you can contact her at … or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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