The Crew

Kim Knaak

Kim Knaak provides the Networking report each and every Tuesday. Kim also manages the zoom room while we are doing the show. Kim also helps out with social media and promoting the show.

Social Media Strategist | Social Media Manager | Social Media Marketing | Branding | Networking | Done for You | Small Business Consultation | Training | Social Design | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Social Audits

Sandra Hoeft

Sandra does a fantastic job of making us all look great on The Connect show with Jon and Tracy. Sandra provides makeup touch-ups for everyone in the studio on the day of the show as well as teaches us what colors to use and how to always look our best. You can find Sandra Hoeft on her LinkedIn Page .

Kristal Young

Kristal Clear Graphics offers creative services for print, web and beyond like branding, marketing materials, multi-page documents, web design, etc. I enjoy helping companies build their professional image through my graphic design services. Having a consistent branded image throughout their company enables them to grow their business, gain more professional credibility and increase their profits.

Elaine O’Malley

I have an joyful, optimistic perspective that I bring to my life and my businesses. I believe every business owner has the passion to succeed and never give up. I delight in being the cheerleader on dark days and then enthusiastically celebrating the wins. I enjoy mentoring business owners and helping them find their own tracks to run on for maximum success. Always striving for excellence in my own life, I encourage others to always reach for the stars and make their “thing” the next big hit. We all have within us the ability to make the world better with the talents we possess.

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