August 1, 2023 Special Guest

Nathan Firer

Samatha Buschman

My name is Sam, also known as the Wisconsin Cheese Queen. I began my journey travelling Wisconsin looking for the best curds. These days, I travel all over the U.S. with my pup looking for good food and the best hiking trails!  My freelance business started because I was laid off during Covid. Being laid off felt like a huge failure at the time – like they chose to let me go instead of someone else. But without that layoff, I would not have started Wisconsin Cheese Please and would not be where I am today.  My main focus is cheese curds! My website has an interactive cheese curd map and a full ranking list. They love what I do because Wisconsin loves their cheese. People love having a website to go to where they can search exactly what they are looking for whether its within a specific area, a certain dipping sauce, or a specific restaurant.

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