March 8th, 2022 Special Guest


It all started way back in the 80s when I picked up my first guitar at 12 years old, and spend the next 15 years trying to be a rock star. During that time I got my degree in audio/video engineering, and have been in the many recording studios with many bands you have heard of, and even had videos I produced on heavy rotation on MTV (back when they actually played music videos). I returned to my alma-mater and taught audio/video production and that really is where the love of teaching started.

After leaving the music industry I got a EE degree and entered the computer networking industry. After bouncing around many different companies as a network engineer I landed my career job with Cisco systems in 1997. The majority of my 24 years at Cisco was spent creating online and in-person courses and teaching them all over the world. During my time with Cisco Systems I created over 100+ courses to teach Cisco products to 10s of 1000s of engineers all over the world. I also presented and taught many years in a row as a distinguished engineer at Cisco’s premiere yearly event called Cisco Live.

Many of my student reviews while working at Cisco System had a common theme which was “Paul, makes the insanely complex ridiculously simple”.

When it came time for me to move on, it was obvious what I should do and how I could serve as many people as possible and that is when Digital Course Warriors was born. I have transitioned out of being a network engineer and trainer into being a coach/mentor and trainer helping people create their own online course and coaching programs, and achieving goals.



* Father of Two Children Gwen & Trinity (Recently Empty Nest & Single).

* Hobbies: SCUBA Diving, Sailing, Raiding Motorcycles, Playing Guitar, Running, Traveling, Creating Online Courses, and the list grows daily.

* Sold everything I own, rented my home, and went full time RV in Aug. 2021. 

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