Oct 4th, 2022 Special Guest

Milena Dlugi

Milena Dlugi, a native Polish and bilingual Polish – English. Born and raised in Poland however since 2019 permanent resident of the USA. Moving personal and professional life to the United States was a big step but Milena haven’t regret it for a second.
Milena is a constant learner. A graduate of Dale Carnegie Training in Effective Communication and Human Relations, a Chicago Writers Association Scholarship winner. With years of experience as a full-time employee in legal industry in Poland and recently in the USA, she created her own business, Milena Elite, a business virtual assistant. She helps small business owners who are very often solopreneurs. She is their support system, and she gives them their life back, so they can be free to grow their business without worrying about the “backstage”. With the perfect mixture of procedure and objectivity, they can rely on her work to be accurate and on-time.
In the USA she learned what it means networking and how important it is. First it was during job search she was networking with groups supporting job seekers. That support was valuable, and she learned how to approach job search which helped her get a job. During that time as a full-time employee, she got interested in small business. She knew she wanted to grow so she did not stop networking and just shifted her networking to small business owners.

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