April 11, 2023 Special Guest

Mikey Henninger in yellow background black long sleeve shirt holding a football and a backwards hat on his head

Mikey Henninger 

When I was 7(ish), I “invented” a game where I’d close my eyes and twirl in my hands two pencils that had football teams on them. I’d then drop one (the losing team) and record who won/lost in my notebook before moving on to the next two teams. I did full 16-game seasons, playoffs and Super Bowls this way, even creating Super Bowl champion banners that I hung in my room. 🏆 When I was 11(ish), I would play games on Madden and then head to my Grandpa’s typewriter to write a “news article” about what happened in the game. 📰 When I was 15, I met my inevitable best man because I discovered there was another human in the world like me who would play Madden and record every possible statistic in his notebook (we STILL do this today at 33 years old but we’ve at least leveled up to Google Sheets). 📓 When I was 18, I played in my first #fantasyfootball league, and a new obsession unlike any other was born. I went on to win not only my leagues but also big ticket items like 64-person leagues and DFS tournaments. 💰 When I was 26(ish), I started creating a tool that helped me build and set my lineups every week (link at the bottom) When I was 31, I started making that tool available to the public and started getting tens of thousands of views per week to go with dozens of rave reviews (see the 40+ testimonials at the bottom of the website if you want to hear it from someone other than me). 📈 Now, at 33(ish), I’ve left the “corporate” working world to bet on myself and go all in on this dream that’s been subconsciously brewing my entire life. I’d love to introduce you to Basement Brewed Fantasy Football (website in comments); my hobby, my passion, my business and now, my career. 😊🥳🎉 In a short amount of time, I’ve already learned SO much about this chaotic #entrepreneur life, and I’ve been overwhelmed to literal tears at the overflow of love, confidence and support from family and friends. (I’m also very appreciative of many of your job offers since you learned I was a free agent 😉) 💛 I don’t know where this journey will be at 40 but I do know this; I’m ready to start writing that chapter. 🍻 If you play fantasy football, you HAVE to at least see this; our one-of-a-kind start sit tool called the Lineup Setting Heat Map. This is the EXACT tool I’ve used for years to win my leagues and take down DFS tournaments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oD-p9Ar8Yso&t=9s Come join us in The Basement! basementbrewedff.com

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