November 2, 2021 Special Guest

Michael Rampolla

Michael Rampolla – Strategist & Coach for SPEARity™ 

Michael thinks in metaphors, speaks in visuals, and dabbles in social psychology. He answers questions with questions, talks too fast, and never stops at why. Michael hasn’t met a whiteboard he didn’t like, and it is rumored that he buys post-its by the pallet.  If you have an obstacle to overcome, and don’t know where to start, Michael is the guy to call.

SPEARity™ addresses the unknown in growing and scaling businesses to help leaders know what’s happening in a simple and effective way.  By leveraging data analytics to identify trends and patterns, growing organizations can objectively measure, analyze, and improve performance at scale.  Because once you know better, you can do better – and truly realize your potential.

  • APEx (Agile Planning Experience) – SPEARity partners with you to achieve your most important priorities.  Our Agile Planning Experience (APEx) Sessions are designed for small business owners and senior-level organization leaders who are serious about developing the skills they need to reach their goals. 
  • During the APEx session you will: learn business concepts that will improve your ability to act strategically; apply the lessons you learned to your growth strategy; network with other business professionals; and develop your quarterly goals and plans.
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  • Next APEx is Friday, December 10, 2021.  Use Discount code “214CONNECT” for half-price registration

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