April 12, 2022 Special Guest

Marisa Zalabak

Marisa Zalabak, Founder of Open Channel Culture, Educational Psychologist, Adaptive Leadership Coach, Researcher, Author, Facilitator, and Keynote Speaker.

Marisa has over 3 decades of experience with expertise across sectors and disciplines; in business, education, and organizational culture.

Marisa currently serves as a co-chair of a committee expanding global AI Ethics education with IEEE.org, the world’s largest professional organization advancing technology for humanity.

She is a contributing author of IEEE’s recommended Standards for the Ethical Design of Artificial Intelligence as well as co-author of proposed approaches for transdisciplinary collaboration in the development and mobilization of AI.

A certified member of MIT’s U.Lab at the Presencing Institute, Marisa serves on global leadership teams for the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Peacemaking.


Free consutlations: Adaptive Leadership, Regenerative Business, Conflict Management, AI Ethics

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