Nov 8th, 2022 Special Guest

Lynn Donaldson

Lynn Donaldson is the founder and CEO of ConnectA Strategic Solutions Group.

From the pharmacology research lab to clinical data management, I have spent my 25+ year career partnering with companies to develop, launch, and market their products in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors.

Yet, despite the incredible work being done within the industry, I noticed one glaring challenge: 60% of product launches were failing – and they often had NOTHING to do with the drug/product’s safety.

With my diverse background in mental resilience, team performance, pharmaceutical research, compliance management, and project development, I founded ConnectA Strategic Solutions Group to provide 360-degree consultant services to dramatically increase launch success – from start to finish.

Over the past 10 years, we have been able to empower product launch teams to not just hit their launch goals but to mitigate delays, decrease communication challenges, and remain mentally resilient throughout the entire process.

By offering full-scale guidance every step of the way – combining mindset, team performance, strategies, and execution support so launch teams can reach 10-figure results.

My philanthropic passion includes being on the Advisory Board of Rajiv’s non-profit Bright Now and supporting other non-profits such as Marici (against human trafficking), The Tony Robbins Foundation (Feeding Americans), and I was part of two seperate groups that recently raised huge donations for treating preventable causes of blindness and the rescue of horses and other animals.

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