February 7th 2023 Special Guest

Lorry Rifkin wearing a blue collared shirt and a big smile on his face in front of a black background.

Lorry Rifkin

Lorry Rifkin, CPA has almost 40 years of general business experience. His expertise ranges from accounting, operations, sales, and marketing as an owner and employee. He does fractional CFO work with a focus on business improvement. He also acts as a mentor to his clients sharing his 44 years of business experience. His focus is on profitable and sustainable growth. He is a generalist in approach and thought process. A critical thinker and agent of change. His personality can provide the details to build a reality that does not exist yet, staff it, write the operating procedures and train the staff. He lives in Milwaukee with his wife. He is also active in teaching others how to network with his #lunchwithlorry networking approach.


The connect show with Jon and Tracy Getting your business in order episode on Tuesday February 7, 2023 at 10am starring Lorry Rifkin and Rachel LaMantia

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