Sept 20th, 2022 Special Guest

Lori Kuhn

I am the co-founder and CEO of Thrive, a human development company. I currently work with small to global-sized companies coaching executives and training leaders, teams, and influencers using leading-edge skills, strategies, and concepts to make the most impact in their businesses.

I have an extensive business background which includes public accounting in national and global accounting firms. For over thirty years, I have thrived in the financial, business, and consulting industries, primarily working with Fortune 500 companies. I hold certificates in Neuroscience for Business from MIT and from other major universities in several modalities of human psychology, energy dynamics, mindfulness in business, and intuition. I am also a member of Forbes Coaches Council where I publish business coaching content.

Over 14 years ago, I incorporated coaching (business, executive, leadership, life, and spiritual) into my practice as it provides skills that are key in elevating human impact.

I am passionate about helping people find a healthier, more exciting way of doing business and life.

We have a LinkedIn live event on September 29th at 6pm. It will discuss the Human Internal Operating System (H-IOS) and how to use it to overcome obstacles to achieve the unimaginable.

Here is the link to register:
Or, they can also go to and click on the “Upcoming Events” tab to register.

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