July 12th, 2022 Special Guest

Jessica Dragan

The Owner is an Army Veteran

She started business- well that is a story about how it happened. But the bottom line is that she was an athlete during her service!
Her experience about perseverance made her an overachiever. What that means for you is more training then was required. And she understands stress, pain and injury with the affects exceptionally well.

Formerly Spa Massage on the Go, Jessica Dragan realized the name did not reflect what the company was about. Yes we did mobile chair massage therapy for relaxation but our talents and capabilities were of far more value to you. So TADA, you get a company with a clearer message, understandable name with an updated branding and almost all new staff to meet your health needs an goals.

Her commitment to you is Integrity, Service Minded, Professional, User Friendly and a Positive Impact.
Jessica Dragan started Corporate Wellness & Retention to deliver massage services where she can bring convenience and much-needed relief of long-term issues in employees. Her service brings chair massage to corporate events and private events.

The road to Corporate Wellness & Retention began in Los Angeles, where Jessica moved after four years of service in the US Army. There, she learned the massage industry and discovered that a mobile business fit her personality. Jessica moved her mobile massage business to Milwaukee. Soon, she began to focus on employing others rather than delivering the service directly. “Even if you love it, it’s too demanding to do as you get older,” Jessica said. She owns and runs the business, relying on her massage therapists to deliver her companies services.

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