March 22nd, 2022 Special Guest

Jesan Sorrells

Jesan Sorrells is the CEO and Founder of HSCT Publishing and the Senior Principal of EJD Advisors, a boutique consulting firm focused on clients achieve actionable outcomes through providing critical advisory services in the areas of personnel management and leadership development. Jesan has a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas and is a Texas State Certified Divorce and Family Mediator. Jesan has leveraged that background into working with a wide variety of both public and private clients in a variety of economic sectors ranging from long-term healthcare providers to public sector organizations.

Backed by 10 years of direct training experience with over 15,000+ people, HSCT is an e-learning company delivering leadership development solutions to SMBs via their flagship SaaS platform, LeadingKeys and Leadership ToolBox. HSCT seeks to help organizations manage and reduce the impact of workplace conflict, encourage organizational innovation, and increase optimal outcomes around leadership development, conflict management and change management.

Jesan previously served as the Membership Chair on the board of the Association of Conflict Resolution of Greater New York City. He served as a part-time lecturer Organizational Behavior and Strategic Management for the School of Management at Binghamton University in Binghamton, NY and Leadership and Conflict Resolution in the Madden School of Business at LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY from 2014 – 2021. Jesan was involved extensively in developing the start-up ecosystem in the Southern Tier of New York State through connections with many entrepreneurial and start-up organizations and currently sits on the board of the Madden School of Business at LeMoyne College.

Jesan maintains an active blog presence through the HSCT Blog as well as an ever-expanding social/digital content footprint on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, as well as a growing archive of inspirational and motivational YouTube videos through his channel, Jesan Sorrells Presents. Jesan hosted and produced The Earbud_U Podcast, for seven seasons and published a book Marketing for Peace Builders: How to Market Your Value to a World in Conflict, in 2016 currently available on and My Boss Doesn’t Care: 100 Essays on Disrupting Your Workplace by Disrupting Your Boss, released in April 2019. Jesan’s next book is the upcoming 12 Lessons for Leaders: A Foundation for Intentional Leadership with Bradley Matican, to be published in April 2022.

In 2015, Jesan was selected by Biz Events and the Central New York Business Journal as one of Central New York and the Southern Tier’s Top Forty Young Professionals Under 40.


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