January 10th 2023 Special Guest

Jane Warr

​Jane Warr, also known as “Trainer Jane” is an award winning Communications & Sales Trainer, 5X international best selling Author and international Speaker.

She is the Founder & CEO of Selling on the Spot Inc., a global business training company. Selling on the Spot is most known for their fun and profitable Selling on the Spot Marketplace events, held In-Person and Online. They provide a powerful platform for any business owner to market and sell their products and services, focusing on selling ethically, efficiently and effectively.

Jane has grown the Selling on the Spot brand for over 7 years, proudly serving an inclusive community from over 40 countries!

Her mission is to help millions of entrepreneurs and business owners around the world to embrace the sales process, making sales fun and easy.

Jane is also a Real Estate Investor, and proud mom of two amazing young adults.

Please help me welcome Trainer Jane to the stage!

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