February 28, 2023 Special Guest

Izydor Lobacz, drinking from a mug

Izydor Lobacz

Always I was the worst because I was doing newly than “others”. I’m undermining conventional wisdom and poverty-advice, that I know, that don’t work. (I guess it was the reason that Acting school wanted to kick me out 14 times- 2.3 per semester) I’m acting and thinking out of the box. Always it can be better, some people just don’t willing to improve. I’ll draw you close to perfection as much as possible. Build desire in THEIR guts for what YOU sell. 👉🏼 Create an ongoing stream of clients by mastering compelling messaging. Hearing “yes” will never be an issue again. Become THEIR mind reader. Understand your audience better than anyone else, even themselves. I’ll give you every tool you need to achieve success. You only need to implement and use it. It’s all “about me”. In fact about what you will get meeting with me. Are you in? 😉 “See your message through THEIR eyes. Let’s make it #Izzy” Because in communication matter your audience, not you.

Connect Show with Jon and Tracy Guest Izzy Lobacz and Daniel Krynzel, Tuesday February 28th, 2023

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