Aug 23rd, 2022 Special Guest

Gifford Collins

Gifford Collins is uniquely qualified to help you through the estate planning process. Both of his parents came from large families and they worked hard to create assets for their own children. He benefitted from their work ethic and understands how people trade their time to earn money to live and provide a better life for thier loved ones. Giff graduated with a degree in Business Administration, and while in undergrad he studied French and traveled around the globe. He developed an appreciation for the world’s beauty and culture. It’s his mission to help small business owners preserve what they’ve built, so they and their families can enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Giff has been practicing law for 13 years in estate and business planning. In 2015 he started Collins Law Firm, LLC and focused almost exclusively on estate planning and business law.

His wife and he have three small children. As a business owner, he sees firsthand how easy it is to get busy in the day-to-day and neglect the bigger picture. No matter what your stage of life, if you are thinking of estate planning or business plan

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