Dec 13th, 2022 Special Guest

Gary Plassmeyer

Recovered alcoholic and man of God with over 20+ years in the food and beverage industry.

10+ years as an entrepreneur who has experienced the highs and lows in the startup world. Currently working through two emerging early stage startups.

10+ years as a managing partner and member of chain, multi-unit independent and single unit independent food service establishments. Spent time in the equipment and supplies segment of the food service industry directing operations for an independent wholesaler.

Have embarked on the journey of a life time with Mama Bev’s Bakery LLC. Mama Bev’s is an emerging bakery manufacturer centered around St. Louis Buttercake. Our business is rooted in deep faith and family values, community and consistency. We engage in community outreach and provide support for those who need a second chance in life.

Conceptual inventor of Thermo-V delivery tech poised to change the landscape of hot food delivery. The tech is positioned to be the eco-system of the ever changing and growing food delivery market. With the recent development of figuring out how to deliver hot and crispy fries, from commercial kitchen to homes, there is no limit to the Thermo-V opportunity.

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