Aug 2nd, 2022 Special Guest

Dianna Marcks

Meet Dianna Marcks, the Founder of Mind Body Beautiful, a 56 year old mother of three, grandma to 7. Dianna is a registered nurse, multi-certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. She is a multiple business owner and speaker. Dianna still competes as a figure and physique pro in her 50’s. She can also list fit-chef, adventure racing, mountain biking, surfing, trail running, road biking, weight lifting, strong-woman competitor and model to her resume. All of this she accomplished after she turned 44!

My Story:
For a little over 30 years Dianna worked bedside with families trying to save the lives of their loved ones. The best she could do is get them back to at least moderate health. In order to deal with the stress, Dianna began to work out. That also led to learning more about nutrition and exercise.

One day the light came on with the realization that most of the people she was trying to save did not have to be in the hospital. If they would have taken care of themselves with a modest level of exercise and better nutrition, they would not have been in the condition they were in at all. In short, these people did not need to be in a hospital bed and their families did not have to suffer.

Dianna tried to educate and teach them a better way…giving them hope that they could be healthy, confident and very alive. Unfortunately, she had to admit she could only help them one at a time and many times AFTER the damage was done and it was too late.

Frustrated with what she was experiencing as a critical care nurse in the hospital setting; she left the traditional health care system in 2015 to open the next chapter in her life.

So Dianna used her love and knowledge of fitness, nutrition and nursing experience to help people get healthier BEFORE they entered the traditional health care system and BEFORE they developed preventable illnesses.

Dianna’s inspiration motivated her to open her gym TriMax Health and Fitness and finally Mind, Body, Beautiful; a Fitness and Transformation Hub that utilizes a unique integrated approach to Health, Fitness and Nutrition.

Armed with 30+ years of nursing experience, her intense training as an athlete, her deep education in nutrition and working with hundreds of clients on their fitness journey, Dianna’s has been able to develop a very unique approach to fitness and health transformation that addresses the special needs of women over 40 and peri-menapausal clients. Unlike other transformation programs, Dianna strives for sustainable long term and healthy results through a unique combination of education, mindset, lifestyle habits, nutrition and smart fitness options. Her custom programs are unequaled.

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