March 28, 2023 Special Guest

D’Araun Brown smiling behind his cookies

D’Araun Brown

Crumbles’ history is steeped in my youth and flavored by my past. Its origins began when I was only 14 and looking to earn money as most kids do. Instead of just earning a wage I created a company. A cookie company that over the years has grown as I’ve grown. From its humble beginnings in our basement kitchen, offering chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies, to its present iteration of gourmet cookies infused with whiskey, such as The Hemingway, a whiskey and toffee cookie, which has become the hallmark of Crumbles today. Little did I know that almost 30 years ago when I sought to earn extra money that I was learning the building blocks of commerce and teetering on the precipice of something sweet. Crumbles recipes are a mélange of flavors and spices that draw from my many travels, life experiences and a love of literature that yield taste experiences that are second to none. I believe that Crumbles helped to keep me focused, off the street and placed me on a pathway to success. As such, Crumbles continues to give back to urban communities and charitable organizations that seek to encourage and empower at-risk youth and minorities with a bent towards entrepreneurship. My goals for Crumbles is all about high-quality ingredients making unique and cookie profiles with great taste, real ingredients, and sophisticated flavor that yield a sweet experience. Crumbles Confectionery cookies are the ultimate sweet indulgence. So tasty you can enjoy them alone, but so good with wine or your favorite spirit.

The connect show with Jon and Tracy special guests appearing are Lynn Herkes and Adrian Miller, on Tuesday March 21, 2023 at 10am. Episode title Growing your business strategies.

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