Sept 13th, 2022 Special Guest

Corrie Talo

Have you ever met someone new and spontaneously had a really deep conversation with them that made you feel heard and seen in a way you rarely experienced? Are you in need of that kind of connection in your life with someone who sees the best in you and consistently brings it out of you every chance they get?

Corrie Talo is a Leadership, Business, and Growth coach who has built a career by listening deeply to people and then using her intuition and skills to help guide them to the outcomes they are seeking. She has worked in many small to large sized businesses and then started her own coaching company in 2018 in order to make her talents and services available to more people.

Corrie is a strategic, innovative, and visionary leader with a focus on initiating change and growth through enthusiasm and collaboration. She’s passionate about working with people; coaching, inspiring, and motivating them to be their best. She helps create thriving teams and environments leading others by example to live better lives, treating people the way they want to be treated, showing love and respect for everyone, and sharing a vision of the positive culture we all deserve.

Corrie would love to meet you and support you in your leadership, business operations, and personal growth paths in life. Please feel free to connect on LinkedIn or through email at

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