March 1st, 2022 Special Guest

Brian Daly

Bryan is originally from New Jersey and has lived in Florida since 1988.
He uses the financial, accounting, and tax knowledge acquired from Rutgers and Florida Atlantic Universities, to engineer financial programs for clients. He also know what is and is NOT taught in school about money and finance. Many people are very surprised how many extremely important financial principals are not taught in school.

Bryan began his career just prior to BLACK MONDAY on Wall Street October 19, 1987 and witnessed 1st hand how quickly markets can crash dreams. While working on Wall Street he gained great respect for the power of the market both positive and negative.
Bryan is a fee based fiduciary financial planner. An official distinction that sets him apart from many financial advisors is that he is a completely independent fiduciary financial planner. A fiduciary is required to be completely objective when making financial, investment, and planning recommendations.

Bryan works for his clients not for Wall Street. Bryan does not owe allegiance to any brokerage firm, financial product, fund family, or investment. This allows him the freedom to make unbiased, prudent decisions and he MUST put his client’s interests above all others. Bryan believes that everyone can have financial security and live a risk free, debt free, tax free, stress free life with the right coach.

Bryan Daly
561 246-1404

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