July 5th, 2022 Special Guest

Adriane Dailey

I have been sober for over 9 years. It took me a year to finally let go of alcohol after making the decision, where treatment then sober living were along my path to sobriety. With education in policing and social services, I worked in supporting the developmentally disabled in the following years, though always felt I wanted to work directly with those who struggled the same as I had. I spent much of my own time on personal development and knew that when I discovered a modality that profoundly affected my growth, that I would bring it forward to others who could benefit. When I came across hypnotherapy and saw how much it was changing people, I knew this was the method I would bring forward. I am trained in RTT though primarily use Advanced Conversational Hypnosis with my clients. I really understood that considering our problems are in the subconscious mind, this is the mind we need to work with to find the solution.

I launched my business Mind Aligned Hypnosis in January of this year, where I focus on assisting clients to resolve what is behind alcohol use so they can level up their lives. I enjoy passing along my knowledge of the mind and being a part of the massive breakthroughs experienced as a result of this work.

I’ll be hosting a 1 hour workshop on July 21st @1pm: The Align Your Mind for Leadership Workshop “How to present with confidence by mastering your mind.”

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