July 25, 2023 Special Guest

Julie Marie Davis

Julie Miller Davis

Previously teaching for 25 years at the high school and college levels, award winning coach and trainer Julie Miller Davis is now a driven entrepreneur serving others by helping them get real results for their businesses in real time. She works with business owners and leaders to reset their productivity patterns, become more efficient, and bust through road blocks to reach their goals with new levels of excellence. Even the year of the pandemic, many of Julie’s clients, under her watch broke 6 figures for the first time! Her super power of out-of-the-box thinking uncovers new ways to solve business stagnation, resulting in growth and propelling her clients to new heights in profits and productivity.  They need to stop doing everything as if it’s an emergency and start choosing what things are truly a priority based on their goals and revenue. If they are at the mercy and beck and call of everyone and everything, they will never grow.

The community that I have built that goes beyond coaching and productivity is what makes my business stand out. I also help people gain more freedom from their business while still growing–they have time to enjoy their hobbies and interests and families. People love what I do because we drill down to the foundation of why they do things how they do them and I make it simple to shift into new habits and ways of working their business so they are making quick forward progress to be more successful and less busy. They have time to fully engage in life outside of business.

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