May 23, 2023 Special Guest

Bud Matthews

Dotty Posto

Dotty began her coaching and consulting business after working in Organizational Development for Fortune 500 companies such as The Chicago Tribune, Aon-Hewitt and Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Dotty’s clients say, through their work with her, they’ve experienced new levels creativity, effectiveness, and established a renewed sense of well-being…without the struggle they’d become accustomed to. Dotty creates a safe, collaborative space for candid (and sometimes conflictive) conversations that remove personal attacks and leave plenty of space for innovative solutions. We grow authentic leaders who work from their true talents to inspire, rather than intimidate, and empower, rather than overpower. We design learning opportunities with tight feedback loops for continuous evolution. In Plain Sight guarantees a foundation of Authenticity, Accountability, and Action. Here you will make the best decisions for you and your organization. Lead from your core. Lead your team to their full potential.

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