May 2, 2023 Special Guest

Consuela Munoz In a baby blue blouse and pink shirt under and a pretty blue pendant necklace and her hands at her sides palms up, like saying, “I don’t know””All i know is I”m awesome!”

Consuela Munoz

Consuela Munoz is a Speaker, Focus Strengths Coach, Founder of the CEO Way and Impact Makers Playground. Author of H.E.R. Story – The Day She Stopped and Voices of Women. For over 12 years she has worked with leaders, corporate teams, and business owners to ignite powerful leaders generating unexpected results. As a Global Strength Leader, she specializes in unleashing and maximizing human potential based on the greatness and unique potential in each person. Today, she works with entrepreneurs to defeat shiny object syndrome by increasing focus through the Get Into Gear program.

My business stands out because I increase their focus in regards to shiny object syndrome as someone who also had shiny object syndrome. THey love me becauase I give them an innovative and easy way to approach goals, time management and focused that is based on their personal strengths.

The Connect Show Episode for May 2, 2023 Living Better with Consuela and Greg (in place of Barb), same company streaming live on Tuesday at 10 A M.

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