April 18, 2023 Special Guest

Charlene In a purple top in a car

Charlene Oesterling


While most “about me” pages start by painting a picture of the past, I feel it is only fitting to start with where I am. My name is Charlene Oesterling. I am an author, storyteller, inventor, innovator, artist, visionary, athlete, disruptor of the norm, soul feeder and the creative mind behind a multi-faceted brand called  A Stoopid Good World.  A Stoopid Good World has been built through the years by a girl nicknamed Charlie who likes to climb trees, chase snakes, and draw pictures in her father’s workshop. When she’s not in the sandlot next to her house, running through the woods of her neighborhood, or in the workshop listening to Elvis with her dad, she spends most of her time with her best friend, a basketball.  Anyone who could see her through her mind’s eye would be witnessing a powerful fearless little creator who wears a cape made of courage, invincibility, and freedom armed with the knowledge that she can MAKE anything happen that she can imagine when she simply just BELIEVEs.  For years after college, she traveled with her childhood best friend around the world playing basketball taking in all the beauty and life experience she could before returning to the college town in Michigan where she stayed until life called her to Miami Florida. After 5 years in the sunshine state, life called her to Tennessee where she currently resides. But after years of choosing to live under the expectations of others and what society likes to call the “real world”, she came to believe the most important thing we can and must do in our lifetime is live with that fearless nature we all have within us from childhood.

That our purpose here is 3 fold

1. Create a movement
2. Fulfill a purpose
3. Leave a legacy

That life is nothing but the greatest opportunity to catalyst the inner land of make-believe out, and to know with complete absolution anything we can imagine, we CAN make possible. 

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