April 4, 2023 Special Guest

Alison ver halen standing in front of a brick building with a window

Alison Ver Halen

Alison Ver Halen majored in English and Psychology without realizing she was getting the perfect degree for content marketing. It wasn’t until a few years after she graduated, when a family friend asked her to write blog posts for his law firm, that she realized she could make money doing what she loves. Fast forward to today and Alison is still writing blog posts, as well as website landing pages and emails, but also integrates SEO and marketing strategy into the content she writes to give her clients their best chance of attracting, engaging, and converting their ideal clients.

The connect show with Jon and Tracy streaming live Tuesday April 4 2023 at 10am, Creative Services that build your business featuring guests Alison Ver Halen and Alex Hitt

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